The partnership between White Buffalo Recovery Center and the Wind River Hotel and Casino is a crucial first step to help community members openly discuss and support recovery.

In 2015, White Buffalo and Wind River first partnered to offer support services to their employees. Now, Wind River employees and community members can visit the wellness program staff located in the old 789 Bingo Hall to get the support and help they need. The program offers individual counseling, drug and alcohol evaluations, relapse prevention, DUI classes and talking circles. Sage Hall in Ethete also provides daily recovery meetings along with talking circles and other services.

Keeping a job and staying busy is important to recovering addicts since it helps them ignore the voice in the back of their head telling them to use. Wind River and White Buffalo is committed to providing resources to help not only our employees live their best lives but the community of Wind River.

White Buffalo Recovery    

Sponsored by: White Buffalo Recovery Center and the Wind River Hotel & Casino